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How art influences the energy cycle

Today’s artist is a cultural ambassador and technology researcher who presents new perspectives and visions with artistic projects. In response to the global energy crisis and to reduce the energy consumption of light art to zero, we decided to combine light art with renewable energies and started the Light Art Energy project.

Outsourcing energy issues

The issues of today’s society and our economy’s expectations of a modern ecology are shifting the question of energy outsourcing back into the hands of the consumer. New technologies and mass production of renewable energies enable the mini power plant in our city and at home with cultural awareness in the form of a Light Art Generator that combines the visuality of the energy cycle.

our approach

Fusing light art with renewable energy

When function fuses with artistic freedom, new cultural correlations emerge. 

The Light Art Generator integrates itself into the public space and merge with culture. In this way, it creates a cultural place with the approach of sustainable placemaking.

Combining light art with solar and wind energy, creating movable outdoor light artworks that are sublime in sunlight and generate electricity, wind chimes which powering a dynamo that powers the technology we consume, these are topics we include in our work.

Light Art

Renewable Energy

Light Art Energy Cycle

Cultural influence


Energy consumption

The constant development of new techniques and the new possibilities of integrating them artistically into light art also raises the question of sustainability, to what extent the correlation of the light experience is to energy consumption.

The idea of sustainability comes to the fore here, as an experience and an object has a longer duration, which prolongs the benefit and reflects it in a multi-layered way.

Light Art





Light Art Generator

Power plants are moving more and more into the public space and are present. It is important to give these power sources and “system-relevant places” an artistic anecdote.

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Light Art Generator #1 – with solar panel platform and vertical wind turbine by Studio Kebbel.

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Fin Sin Fin – Light Art Generator version with solar panels elements and wind turbine platform by Studio Kebbel.

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Light Art Generator #1 – with solar panel platform and vertical wind turbine together with Light Anemones Installation by Studio Kebbel.

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